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You accept that you must be of legal age in your country. Your minimum age should be 18 years old to participate in this program in all cases.

Accept that any information, messages, materials received from HYIP LAB FUNDS are privileged, confidential, and immune from any form of disclosure. The content of this document is not an offer or an invitation to invest. It applies to any jurisdiction that considers non-public offers or solicitations unlawful. This offer does not apply to any person to whom it is illegal to make such offers. All information given by HYIP LAB FUNDS members will be used only for personal purposes and will not share with others. No responsibility for lost data lies with HYIP LAB FUNDS.

The following is your agreement that all directors and members of the organization are not liable for any liability. The investment is at your personal peril, and you accept that the past is not an overt warranty of the same in the future. All information, messages, and content you find on our website constitute intended to be informational and advisory and not intended to be investment advice.

We have to sole reserves the right to change: the program rules, fees, and bids at any time; and at our discretion without prior notice. We have to do it to protect the integrity and safety of participants' interests. You consent to the fact that you are solely responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions.

HYIP LAB FUNDS shall not have any responsibility or liability for loss, injury, or expense arising from any violation of the terms and conditions and use of our site by a user. You warrant to HYIP LAB FUNDS not to use the site unlawfully in any way and agree to comply with all local, state, and international legal requirements.

Never post bad votes in public forums or on the Golden Ratings website outside of contacting our FIRST program administrator. There may have been a technical problem of some kind with your transaction. Therefore, please always OPEN this thing with your administrator.

No spam or any form of UCE in this program is acceptable to us. Violators of spam will now and forever get out from this program.

HYIP LAB FUNDS has the right to take or refuse membership to any member without giving a reason.

Please go no further if you disagree with the above caveat.

HYIP LAB FUNDS is a highly privately held company that serves customers and develops projects in primary industries: private equity, energy, shipbuilding, and real estate. We are creating and funding those unique designs there; we all know better, only those where we can create added value. We also serve clients, including many of those who are leaders in their industries.

We have many years of experience working for well-known organizations around the world.We are working far away from our home country. First of all, we are a reliable and responsive business partner, focusing on long-term partnerships with our customers and partners.