Terms & Condition


1.The user makes an investment in which assets are delegated to management with full awareness and bearing all risk.

2. Weekly profit are added to clients account every week ( from the time of making the deposit ).

3. Your deposit will be totally refunded after the period of the plan ends with no charge of fees.

4. User can cancel his deposit after 24Hours with 10% fee.

5. The amount of the weekly profit depends on the amount of the investment and the chosen investment plan.  

6. To make a deposit the user can use any payment accepted by HYIP LAB FUNDS.COM. 

7. User can not make more than one account for him self and any one who break this condition will be banned for ever.

Withdrawal CONDITIONS 

1. The waiting time of withdrawal does not exceed more than 24 Hours on all days of the year ( including weekends and holidays ).

2. HYIP LAB FUNDS is not responsible of orders to users account which is subject to an additional verification (Perfect Money) or the amount does not meet the credit requirements. 

3. HYIP LAB FUNDS is not responsible for any incorrect withdrawal account or e-wallet ID.

4. HYIP LAB FUNDS in special circumstances reserves the right to extend the withdrawal time in the event of dedicated fraud, attempts to take over another users account or incase requiring individual contact with the user.